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Hrp Characterisation: Design (Required Parts)

This is the list of required parts that can be obtained from the registry and are needed for the project.


List input promoters, find/measure PoPS in of the following promoters:

  • LuxR Promoter


Short description: A transcription factor [LuxR] (C0062) that is active in the presence of cell-cell signaling molecule 3OC6HSL is controlled by a tetR regulatable operator (BBa_R0040). Device input is 3OC6HSL. Device output is PoPS from a LuxR-regulated operator. If used in a cell containing TetR then a second input signal such as aTc can be used to produce a logical AND function.

  • Constitutive promoter family


Short desccription: Parts J23100 through J23119 are a family of constitutive promoter parts isolated from a small combinatorial library. J23119 is the "consensus" promoter sequence and the strongest member of the family. Part J23119 is present in pSB1A2.

  • Promoter P(Lac) IQ


Short description: Constitutive Promoter, High Transcription

  • Promoter (tetR, negative)


Short description: Medium strength promoter. Sequence for pTet inverting regulator driven by the TetR protein. Action is inhibited by the addition of tetracycline or its analog, aTc.

  • Promoter (lambda cI regulated)


Short description: The cI regulated promoter is based on the pR promoter from bacteriophage lambda. The promoter has two DNA binding sites for lambda cI repressor BBa_C0051. cI binding results in repression of transcription. The specific sequence used here is based on the cI repressible promoter used in the Elowitz repressilator (and references therein).

  • CMV promoter


Short description: CMV promoter with RBS region, used for testing of our reporter constructs. CMV promotor is a constitutive promotor.

Ribosome Binding Sites

  • RBS (Elowitz)


Short description: This is the most efficient RBS in the registry, and sets the 1.0 efficiency standard. It is based on the Elowitz repressilator.


  • Double terminator (B0010-B0012)


Short description: Double terminator consisting of BBa_B0010 and BBa_B0012. This is the most commonly used terminator. It seems to be reliable. forward_efficiency: 0.984 reverse_efficiency: 0.295

Parts Not in the Registry (To Characterize)

  • HrpR
  • HrpS
  • HrpV
  • pHrpL

Further parts:

  • σL (HrpL)
  • Hrp Box