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Scope of Modelling in Synthetic Biology

The allure of synthetic biology lies in the incorporation of engineering principles into the complex field of biology. A defining feature of this effort involves the integration of experimentation, data analysis and modelling. This inevitably becomes an iterative process:

Current global biological knowledge supplements the curiosities and questions raised by the designer's requirements/specifications, resulting in the formulation of an initial model. The primary model forms a platform from which these initial predictions can be verified or refuted by new experimentation. Discrepancies, then stimulate the next step of model development, which again results in experimentally testable predictions. The process repeats itself continually until a good agreement is achieved between the experimentally-obtained data and the behaviour predicted by the model. This validated model is then used with confidence for predictive purposes.

The Drylab serves as a portal page, which attempts to centralize these efforts. Here, you will find all the mathematical and computational work done during iGEM 2007.

Cell by Date, Infector Detector

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Cell by Date, Infector Detector

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