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Cell by Date

Cold Chain Management

1.Taoukis,2006 : Review of TTIs
2.Labuza,2006 : Review of TTIs in cold chain
3.Sensitech Corp.
4.Sensitech : good background info
5.Sensitech : interesting products
6.Global Cold Chain Ltd
7.WHO document on 'vaccines/cold chain'
8.News article overview of industry
9.Brody 2006 Good overview of industry including active packaging
10.Kent 2002 brief about vitsab TTI
11.Interview with Labuza 'Daddy' of TTIs

Beef Spoilage

8.Lopez,2004 : Critique of Gompertz model

9.Huang,2003 : Simulation of a similar problem using Gompertz model

10.Leak,1999 : Determining TTI characteristics of ground beef

11.Giannuzzi,1997 : Mathematical modelling of microbial growth in packaged refrigerated beef stored at different temperatures

12.Labuza,1993 : Growth Kinetics for shelf life prediction theory and practice

13. ?,? Food Hygiene, Microbiology and HACCP

14. Ercolini,2006 : 5 Degrees Isothermal conditions varying Packaging


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15.reliability of TTIs under non-isothermal conditions

Articles I would like access to

Numerical and Statistical Analysis of food spoilage

Analysis of Reliability of TTIs to monitor food spoilage

Developement of a TTI for frozen meat

adaption rate of organism orign of activation E