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Design Type

This Biological Oscillator would be considered a system.

The devices which are used in our system will make up the predator and prey cells.

Key Specifications

  • Input Characteristics
    • Input to initialise the signal (signal induction)
  • Output Characteristics
    • change in concentration of a molecule in extra-cellular environment
    • constant frequency and amplitude
    • Frequency to be between 1 to 5 hours
    • System stable after 10 oscillations
    • Amplitude – easily detectable

Notes to Specification

  • The specification should encompass all of the past designs for oscillators as well as including specifics to our project that make it more stable and robust compared to previous designs.
  • It would be beneficial to be able to measure the external concentration of the cell rather than just see oscillations within one cell. Due to the large population of the cell, this has the potential to reduce noise and increase efficiency of the entire system.
  • Past designs using the Elowitz’s repressilator have successfully implemented 6 continuous oscillations. In order to prove that our system is more robust and efficient, we should be able to produce at least 10 oscillations with constant amplitude and frequency.