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Stuff done and learnt during our first iGEM summer

Soon after deciding to go for the iGEM competition, we started to advertise. However, it was already around Easter.

Advertisement Recruitment Workspace Funding
IGEM IMPERIAL AdvertisementIcon.jpg What we planned ...
  • Formatting the announcement as a flyer
  • Setting-up the flyer around Campus
  • Sending flyer to undergrad mailing list (2nd and 3rd years)
  • Putting flyer into internal college Newspaper
What happened ...
  • Because it was already easter, many students had already a placement.
  • We got 20+ applications.
  • Mostly thanks to email sent on the mailing lists
  • Also friend of a friend worked
  • No one spotted the ad in the newspaper or around campus.
  • We had a better response from Biology undergrads than engineering. 'Synthetic Biology' was still low profile in the Imperial engineering faculty. Using 'Biological engineering' could have helped.
Next time ...
  • We will start earlier the advertissment (around Xmas)
  • Use of mailing list + targetting student Reps to spread the word
  • Give short introduction at the beginning of a lecture during term.
  • Of course, having done it once is going to help us too. Students from last summer are keen to give seminars and be our ambassadors for next year.


Advertisement Recruitment Workspace Funding
IGEM IMPERIAL WorkspaceIcon.jpg What we planned ...
  • To apply, students had to submit an Essay about Synthetic Biology (200-300 words) + CV.
  • Short listed cndidates were invited for an interview (15min Presentation of a iGEM 2005 project + their ideas about future extensions + questions)
  • We wanted to have a well balanced team between engineers and biologists.
What happened ...
  • Interviewing process was long and tedious but worthwile.
  • Having the students to present a former iGEM project helped them to touch on Synthetic Biology concepts.
Next time ...
  • We will manage better a waiting list if some students are dropping out.


Advertisement Recruitment Workspace Funding
IGEM IMPERIAL WorkspaceIcon2.jpg What we planned...
  • booking some teaching lab space.
  • booking a permanent meeting room (tables, white board, video projector).
  • making sure to have a computers booked.
  • granting building access in the different faculties.
What happened ...
  • We had 2 working environments: a 'base camp' and a wetlab.
  • In the 'base camp', we had a meeting area + video projector and 5 computers to access Wiki and do presentations, simulations ...
  • In the wetlab, it was a standard teaching lab (level 0 containment). However we were missing easy access to -80C freezer but we had a useful blackboard.
  • Most of the equipments we were using were spread around campus.
  • White board was great but we lost some info from time to time. Need to take pictures of white/blackboards.
Next time ...


Advertisement Recruitment Workspace Funding
IGEM IMPERIAL FundingIcon.png What we planned ...
  • Money from University/private partnerships
  • from private partners
  • our budget
    • Student funding: 8 * 1600 = 12800 pounds
    • Lunches: 10 * 150 = 1500 pounds
    • Lab stuff:
    • Jamboree:
What happened ...
  • We managed to get money from Engineering and Biology Faculties.
  • We didn't investigate at all private fundings.
  • We didn't plan enough in our budget for social events or trips to visit other UK teams.
Next time ...
  • Getting the team to raise money before the summer (especially for social events).
  • As a break the ice type of work, the team could come up with a marketing campaign and approach companies. Get events sponsorised or team T-shirts paid.