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Stuff done and learnt during our first iGEM summer

During the summer 2006, Imperial College London put together an iGEM team of 8 undergrad students with some instructors ( 3 PhDs, 4 senior academics).

The least that we can say is that it was an exciting and intense summer.

This section of our wiki tries to summarize the different phases of the project we have been through. From the advertisement to the finalization of the project. From an instructor prespective, we will comment on the stuff that were planned, stuff that happened and things that we would like to try next time.

--Vincent 10:03, 3 October 2006 (EDT): Some of the comments might appear to simply be common sense for some people, but we hope that, at the end, this information will convince more people to join iGEM in the future, as we truely believe that it was a great adventure. Any feedback is welcome.

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