IGEM:Harvard/2006/DNA nanostructures/Logistics Communications

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  • Made up 1600uL of 300mM MgCl2 folding buffer from the HEPES pH 7.35 available in lab from Alain. In Shawn's box.
  • Made up working stocks c5.0.E(b) and F(b), in c5.0 rack.


  • Needs to be Ordered:
    • NEB 1kb ladder
  • Needs to be Mixed Up:
    • Invitrogen 1kb+ ladder + loading dye solution (see below)
  • Changes/Additions in Materials or their Positions:
    • Invitrogen 1kb+ ladder stock - in dark green rack (for 50mL -> 1.5mL tubes) on Bench 2
      • Invitrogen's manual says use 0.1ug/mm of lane
        • In the manual, 0.7ug (ie. 0.7uL) of ladder seems to look good...
    • c5.0.1
      • Mixed using 1-10uL multichannel pipettor
    • c5.0.4
    • c5.0.6
    • c5.0.7
      • NB: Next time, could whoever finishes the last of a pre-working stock PLEASE make some more, as a courtesy to others?
    • c5.0.Eb
    • c5.0.Fb
    • Proteinase K, reconstituted in 260uL dH2O, as seems to have been indicated by the bottle
      • Qiagen seems to have stopped producing this product in this lyophilized form - no instructions on this form were found online