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Stock of ECE112

- Bulk up ECE112 (Amp100) rfom 10mL LB (28/08), take 1mL and add to 100mL of LB in big flask

- Grow overnight in 37°C incubator with vigorous shaking

- Aliquot in 10mL tubes, pellet and freeze cell pellets

Transformation of glycerol stock

  • Strian : IA751

- Transfer into Eppendorf tubes and spin down for 30min

-Remove glycerol and add medium B

- Add ECE112 and ECE153, and one control tube

- incubate for 30min in 37°C

- Plate out ECE112 (Cm5), ECE153 (Spc50), DNA less (blank, Cm5, Spc50)