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iGEM 2008

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4.14.08: Previous projects

Project Wiki Presenter Presentation
2007 UCSF Wiki Unassigned
2007 Paris Wiki Doug Paris 2007
2007 Peking Wiki Allen Peking 2007
2007 Caltech Wiki Unassigned
2006 MIT Wiki Robert MIT 2006‎
2006 UCSF Wiki Unassigned
2006 Berkeley Wiki Fei Berkeley 2006
2006 UT-Austin Wiki Victoria UT-Austin 2006
  • I'd be willing to also look over USCF if we need to cover all the presentations. - Allem
  • I would also be willing to team up with Allen to present UCSF's 2007 Presentation if it's OK with everyone. - Robert
  • In regard to the latest email, I'll just do Peking's ppt. -Allen



Presenter Paper Presentation
Allen Construction of a genetic toggle switch in E. coli Toggle Switch
Doug Dispersing biofilms with engineered enzymatic bacteriophage Destroying Biofilms
Fei A synthetic gene-metabolic oscillator. Nature 2005 May 5; 435(7038) 118-22. Media:A synthetic Gene-Metabolic Oscillator.ppt
Robert Environmentally controlled invasion of cancer cells by engineered bacteria.

Invasion of Cancer Cells

Victoria Programmed Population Control by Cell-Cell Communication and Regulated Killing Programmed Population Control



  • An incomplete list of project ideas is below. Pick one, or add your own.
    1. Bactofood (food supplement)
    2. Mouthwash (and/or deodorant)
    3. Gut flora engineering
    4. CO2 mineralization
    5. Healthbots (patrolling the blood stream)

Remember, describe the 'big picture' idea, then try to break it down into smaller projects. First look at large pieces - what kinds of abilities would you need (bind to X, produce Y, destroy Z) to accomplish the big picture? Next, think about how you'd produce those abilities (protein α will bind to X, pathway β would produce Y, etc). Bonus points if you can break it down into five separate mini-projects. More bonus points if things would still work with less-than-total success (we need A and B to work to declare success, but C and D would make it cooler. E would be awesome and interesting even if nothing else worked).

Presenter Project Idea Presentation
Allen Varied State Expressions State Exp
Doug Healthbots Healthbots
Fei Gut Flora engineering Media:Engineering_Gut_Microbiota.ppt
Robert Mouthwash Mouthwash!
Victoria CO2 mineralization CO2 Mineralization


  • Ideas:
    1. Mouthwash
    2. Bioremediation
    3. Gut flora
    4. Diabetes


Presenter Presentation
Allen Pop var | Extra
Doug ROS
Robert Lactose Intolerance
Victoria Vitamin Production


Victoria | Folate Production
Allen | Pop var


Lab jobs

  1. LB agar + antibiotic plates : Robert
  2. LB media + sterile water : Victoria
  3. Wash and autoclave glassware : Fei + Allen
  4. Autoclave tips + waste + glass beads, water bath : Doug

Background reading

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All Medline abstracts: PubMed | HubMed