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Sequencing results

Sequencing results from July 30: good (96.23 - 97.20%) for all samples except pSB1A3-lock-triplicate-C

Results of Competent Cell Test

  • The results of the competent cell test:
    • All 3 plates showed growth
    • All colonies on each plate showed uniform growth patterns, same size and shape
    • BW27783 ~30 solonies
    • DH5a A – Too many colonies to count
    • DH5a B – Too many colonies to count

NOTE: The difference in the number of colonies between BW27783 plate and the DH5a plates may be caused from the difference in final resuspension volume. DH5a cells were resuspended in 3.5mL of CaCl2 instead of 5mL because the final pellet looked smaller then the BW27783 pellet.


  • The new batches of DH5α and BW27783 competent cells are competent

Making Glycerol Stocks of Competent Cells

  • The remainder of competent cell batches were made into glycerol stocks
  • 14% glycerol solutions were made by:
    • Adding 800uL 100% glycerol to 4916uL BW27783 competent cells
    • Adding 610uL 100% glycerol to 3500uL DH5a competent cells
  • The glycerol solutions were made into stocks by transferring 100uL of solution into 1.5mL microfuge tubes and storing in the -80 freezer