IGEM:British Columbia/2009/Notebook/Biosensor Sensitivity/2009/05/19

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LB Plates

  • Today, poured LB plates (20 mL per plate).
  • Stored in 4 deg C fridge in Lagally Lab Biohazard Room
  • Spread plated 20 uL of Roza's 100 mg/mL stock on one plate/
  • Other plates were poured with Mark, and Janny packaged them up for us.
  • Streak plated DH5 alpha cells from Glycerol Cells box onto one (1) LB + Amp plate and one (1) LB only plate. Goal: To see if 100 ug/mL of antibiotic works or not for preventing growth.


  • Took 5x1mL aliquots of Roza's sdH2O for our own use; put inside the iGEM Plasmids Box in -20.

Other Equipment

  • Paul has arrived with tons of goodies! All have been stored on top of Roza's bench with the appropriate labels put on them.