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This part consists of making a webb-app/servelet for our database. Currently trying to figure it out... *Nuri Purswani 10:04, 3 February 2010 (EST)

  • What are we trying to do?

Database servlet html.jpg


  • A servlet is a Java class which answers a HTTP request within a web container. The functionality, the handling and the behaviour of Servlets are defined via the JCP process and there are several official version of Java servlets.
  • Servlets represent java programs that run on a web server. They allow the developer to produce dynamic web sites with java. A Servlet has the following tasks:
    • It reads and processes data, which a user inputs in a HTML form on a web page.
    • Other informations can be processed, e.g. what browser or system will be used.
    • It generate results with the existing data, calls the business logic directly in the servlet or another class, which contains the logic or executes a database query.
    • The results are formated. If the Browser expects an answer in the HTML format, then the results must be formatted in accordance with the standard. It is possible to return different formats of data with a servlet. (gif, jpeg, doc, etc.).
    • Suitable answer parameters are set. Befor the servlet return the data to the browser, it sends some parameter. The parameter contains the format, that will returned by the servlet, what time the browser use to cache the site and some more.

Java Servlet Pages

  • JavaServer Pages (JSP) are files which contains HTML and Java code. The web cotainer compiles the JSP into a servlet at the first time of accessing this JSP.
  • JavaServer Pages (JSP) are text documents, which are similar to HTML Files. But you find also java code in the JSP File. JavaServer Pages allow you to mix regular static HTML with dynamic generated contents of Java code. The java code is inserted in the HTML document on a JSP File, differently to a servlet, where the HTML code is embedded in the java code.


Sample servlet1.jpg


Servlet on hash tables...