IBE: Synthetic Biology 2008

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Presenter Title Presentation
Karmella A. Haynes, Oyinade Adefuye, Jordan Baumgardner, Tom Crowley, Will Deloache, James O. Dickson, Lane H. Heard, Andrew Martens, Nickolaus Morton, Michelle Ritter, Amber Shoecraft, Jessica Treece, Matthew Unzicker, Amanda Valencia, Mike Waters, A. Malcolm Campbell, Todd Eckdahl, Laurie Heyer, Jeffrey Poet Solving the Hamiltonian Path Problem with Living Hardware Media:DMW IBE Presentation.pdf
Kaustubh D. Bhalerao, Ph.D. , Goutam Nistala,, Karan Bansal Couple applications of the positive feedback motif Media:BhaleraoPresentation.pdf
John Schumm, Aaron Young, Janie Stine, Craig Barcus, Dan Sheik, Erin Rosswurm, Meng Zhou, Dr Kari Clase, Dr Jenna Rickus Bacterial Warfare, The Rock Paper Scissors Approach Media:barcus_purdue.pdf
G. Sampath Electrical circuit models of protein structure. A framework for the analysis, classification, and synthesis of protein shapes Media:ibe-2008-pres Sampath.pdf
Cheemeng Tan, Lingchong You Growth modulation turns a non-cooperative positive feedback bistable Media:ibe TAN.pdf
J Christopher Anderson Synthesis of Therapeutic Bacteria Media:030708-IBE Meeting-Anderson.pdf