IBE: Ecological and Environmental Engineering 2008

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Presenter Title Presentation
Oral Saulters Conducting Life Cycle Environmental Assessments for the Department of Defense on Emerging Non-Lethal Technologies Media:Saulter IBE UOL NEER EA - March 2008.pdf
Trisha Culbertson Ecological Health Assessments: Application to Ecologically-Engineered Stormwater Systems Media:EcoHealthAssess_ApplicationtoEcoBasedSWS.pdf
Matthew P Jones and William F Hunt and Jonathan T Smith Mitigating Thermal Pollution with Stormwater Practices Media:March-08-Temperature.pdf
Praveen Kolar Low-temperature catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOC) mixture using wood fly ash (WFA) and oxygen Media:IBE 2008 Actual Talk (Kolar).pdf
Marcelo L. Garcia and Largus T. Angenent Treating swine waste with anaerobic sequencing batch reactors (ASBRs): performance and microbial community Media:IBE-08-Garcia-WUSTL.pdf
Kaoru Ikuma, Ruoting Pei, Claudia K. Gunsch Effect of substrate type on toluene biodegradation following a horizontal gene transfer event in Escherichia coli DH5 Media:IBE2008.KI.pdf
Eric S. McLamore, D.M. Porterfield, and M.K. Banks Self-referencing sensors for characterizing microbial biofilm physiology Media:Eric Mc Chapel Hill Presentation.pdf
Sybil Sharvell, Eric McLamore, Jay Garland, Kathy Banks Application of Microtiter-Based Oxygen Sensors to Assess Microbial Communities Media:sharvell presentation.pdf
Zhen Huang, E. S. McLamore, and M.K. Banks AFM characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm in a membrane bioreactor Media:Zhen Huang_IBE_Presentation.pdf