IBE: Biology-Inspired Materials and Molecular Engineering 2008

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Presenter Title Presentation
Kathryn Smith, Ken Gall Environmental Effects on the Toughness of Photopolymerizable Acrylate Networks for Biomedical Applications Media:IBE Conf Presentation_Mar08.pdf
Ishtiaq Saaem and Dr. Jingdong Tian Nanopatterned Photo-responsive Hydrogels Media:Saaem_IBE-final 3.pdf
Gusphyl Justin, Abdur Rub Abdur Rahman, Anthony Guiseppi-Elie Bioactive Hydrogels for Implantable Biosensors Media:gjustin_ibe_2008_ver3_080307.pdf
Megan Coe, Diana DeRosa, Jeanette Blaine, David Musgraves, Mark Leick, Felipe Lee Montiel, B.G. Potter, Jr., and Mark Riley Cellular Adhesion and Response to Thermally Modified, Sol-Gel Derived TiO2 Thin Films Media:Riley IBE 2008.pdf
Dr. Carissa M. Soto, Dr. Kim E. Sapsford, Dr. Brett D. Martin, Dr. Amy Szuchmacher Blum, and Dr. Banahalli R. Ratna Towards Single Molecule Detection of SEBA Mobile Sandwich Immunoassay on Gliding Microtubules Media:IBE-3-8-08web.pdf