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Welcome to the 2008 Meeting Poster Page. If you do not have an account please create one by clicking on the log in/create account button in the top right of your browser. Once you do have an account please upload your poster by using the upload file link on the lower left menu of this page(under toolbox), and place a link on this page. Several different formats can be used to upload your poster file. The poster can be uploaded as a powerpoint, but this file cannot be viewed inside the internet browser window. By saving your poster as a jpeg, your file can be previewed as in the example below. The suggested poster name for the uploaded file is: IBE2008Meeting'AuthorName''PosterName'.jpg.

  • note: You may have a little bit of trouble when saving your powerpoint as a jpg as it tends to try and scale the text down. You can avoid this problem by saving the file as a pdf, and then using the capture function within adobe acrobat reader and pasting within a photo editing program. From there you can save the poster at 33% of the original size where the text was still viewable but the file size was somewhat reduced. There is also an example posted at the 2007 meeting poster page.


==Posters 2008== ‎

Tanjore, D. and T.L.Richard. 2008. Controlled growth of filamentous fungi along with ensiled storage of corn stover biomass