IBE: Biological Engineering Education and Computational Methods2008

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Presenter Title Presentation
Andy McIntosh Fire and explosion in nature – some biomimetic possibilities Media:ACM Fire and Explosion in Nature - 13th IBE Chapel Hill, NC March 2008 for upload.pdf
Vladimir Gantovnik and Cynthia Gibas Modeling of Competitive Kinetics of DNA Hybridization Reactions Media:Gantovnik.pdf
Vineet Rakesh, Andrew D. Schweitzer, Ashim K. Datta, Arturo Casadevall, Oscar Zaragoza, Ekaterina Dadachova Computational Modeling of Capsule-specific Antibody Transport and Binding to the C. neoformans capsule Media:cn_capsule_IBE2008.pdf
Yu Tanouchi, Dennis Tu, Jungsang Kim and Lingchong You Attenuation of Extrinsic Noise by Quorum Sensing Media:YuTanouchi.pdf
Rajan Gangadharan and Dr.Guigen Zhang Effect of the Geometrical Structure of Mitochondria on the Synthesis and Diffusion of Oxidative ATP Media:presentation-ibe1-Rajan.pdf
Kari Clase Creating a Unique Learning Environment at an Interdisciplinary Bioengineering Research Facility Media:clase presentation.pdf