Hoatlin Lab: BMB Departmental Seminar Series for Sept 2015-June 2016

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Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

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Faculty Hosts and Speakers

Larry David

James Chen

John Rubenstein to be scheduled Fall 2016

Maureen Hoatlin

David Farrens

Tom Sakmar, Rockefeller In progress

Buddy Ullman

Matt Thayer

Ujwal Shinde

Linda Musil

Show-Ling Shyng

Michael Chapman

Phoebe Stewart 2016

Week-by-Week Schedule Summary

Date Presenter(s) Title Host or MCs
Oct 6
Oct 13 Jon Savage (Grad student/Shinde) AND Nathan Montgomery (Grad, Bachinger) Shinde/Bachinger
Oct 20 Sean Gross, post doc Rotwein Lab AND Omar Davulcu, post doc Chapman Lab ;Michael Chapman
Oct 27 DePicalo (Grad, Chapman) AND Chris Scahfer (Grad, Farrens) Chapman/Farrens
Nov 3 *****MH 3198**** ROOM CHANGE! Eric Bouhassira, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY Matt Thayer
Nov 12 SPECIAL SEMINAR Thursday or Friday 10 am Vollum M1441, Steve Meyn, Sick Kids, Toronto. Maureen Hoatlin
Nov 17 Michael Chapman Maureen Hoatlin
Nov 24 Sigrid Noreng (Grad, Baconguis/Vollum) AND Jonathan Fay (postdoc, Chen Lab) Baconguis/Chen
Dec 1 Geoffrey Diemer (post doc, Chapman Lab) AND Greg Martin (Grad, Shyng) Chapman/Shyng
Dec 8 James Chen Maureen Hoatlin
Dec 15 No seminar
Dec 22 Holiday break
Dec 29 Holiday break
Jan 5 no seminar Buddy Ullman
Jan 12 Show-Ling Shyng Maureen Hoatlin
Jan 19 Jan Boitz
Jan 26 Sergio Fazio, OHSU Maureen Hoatlin
Feb 2 Buddy Ullman Maureen Hoatlin
Feb 9 Yoshihiro Ishikawa/Melissa Patterson Bill Skach/Hans Peter Bachinger
Feb 16 Shishido, Hideki/Vanderwerf, Scott Bill Skach/ Buddy Ullman
Feb 23 Maureen Hoatlin
March 1 Watt, Brenda/Yoon, Jae Seok Bill Skach
March 8 Linda Musil Maureen Hoatlin
March 15 Dr. Laising Yen, Baylor College of Medicine Show-Ling Shyng
March 22 Spring Break
March 29 Melanie Gillingham Maureen Hoatlin
April 5 Phil Yates/Nicola Carter Buddy Ullman
April 12 Larry David Maureen Hoatlin
April 19
April 26 Thomas Scanlan Maureen Hoatlin
May 3 OHSU Research Week--no BMB seminar
May 10 Matt Thayer Maureen Hoatlin
May 17 David Farrens Maureen Hoatlin
May 24 Phoebe Stewart M. Chapman
May 31 Ari Melnick--to be rescheduled Maureen Hoatlin
June 2 SPECIAL SEMINAR Vincenzo Costanzo Maureen Hoatlin
June 7 Ujwal Shinde Maureen Hoatlin
June 14 Cary Harding--cancelled Maureen Hoatlin