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DRAFT: Cross-departmental workshop composed of students, postdocs, and faculty with shared interest in basic principles and emerging discoveries in DNA replication, recombination and repair. The goal of the meetings is to establish a challenging and interactive venue that will advance understanding of our individual projects and encourage collaborations

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What topics to cover in the next period

Here are the suggestions so far. Please add any topics you would like to cover or volunteer someone else to cover. Ideally, we might be able to match outside speakers with a focus on that topic which could be presented by the host lab.

  • Stalled, paused, poised replication forks (Dan Pankratz)-Susan Lovett (or replication restart person)
  • Checkpoints (Matt Thayer)-TW
  • Topoisomerase and DNA R3-(Alex will suggest)
  • Chromatin remodelling and DNA R3- Igor
  • DNA Methylation -suggestions for outside speaker?
  • HJ resolution
  • Translesion Synthesis
  • Aurora Kinases (Hua?)
  • NHEJ (Henri?)
  • PHD FIngers (Maureen)
  • Fragile sites (Matt?)-Glover (Matt please send me email and contact info)
  • Mph (Dan P?)
  • Posttranslational modifications-(SUMO, Ub, etc.) Henri suggested ...any ideas aboout who to invite?
  • Markus-Henri volunteers Markus to speak about stem cell R3

Day and time still acceptable? If not suggest alternative

  • consensus at meeting is to keep time and day the same
  • First Tuesday of every month, except summer when we consider increasing

Frequency of meetings

once a month was suggested. This gives us less than 12 meetings...like next week should be a meeting but is a Holiday. Discussion?

Format of meeting

snacks? If so, how to pay

  • everyone agrees they want snacks, Alex suggests that the presenting person assign the snack, ca 15USD limit

Ideas for seminar speaker invitations

if you made a suggestion, please fill in the details.

  • Ted Weinert (yeast geneticist)...with Dan P as preview?--invited and accepted. watch BMB seminar page for dates.
  • Henri would like to have someone suggest a speaker for protein modifications (sumo, ub)
  • Johannes Walter?
  • Need someone who works on bacterial R3 systems Chi... recombination guy at Hutch?
  • Maria Jasin or postdoc
  • Representative for Replication; Ragu? Johannes, aladjam

When we have an invited speaker, should host lab hold a preview?

yes, everyone present thinks this is good.

  • Patrick Sung, Amanda
  • Karlene Cimprich, Maureen

This is just a start, add more sections that might need discussion

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