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Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

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Objectives of the Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology class (CELL 616)

This upper level course will provide clinical insight into cancer research. We have designed this course to address mechanism and current therapeutic options for cancer treatment in the first part of the course. The second part of the course is designed to examine the current state of clinical diagnoses and treatment of different types of cancers that afflict different organ systems. These lectures are designed to address the state of the art and to provide insight into where the field is moving in the future. The overall goal of this course is to provide the current state of the field from a clinical standpoint in anticipation that this knowledge will then be applied to guiding important findings in basic research.


  • When and where we meet
RJH 5501
The class will run every Spring term
Mon, Wed: 1:30-3:00 PM; Thurs: 1:30-2:30 PM
Mon, Wed class is one hour lecture followed by discussion, Thurs class is presentation of a relevant journal article
  • Organizer contact information: searsrATohsu.edu, wongmeATohsu.edu

Participants, Expectations and Grading

  • The class is open for registration to all second year and above students. The class is also open to postdoctoral fellows for informal auditing. Please contact the organizers with any questions regarding participation.

  • Participants are required to attend at least one tumor board meeting of their choice:
1. Gastrointestinal Tumor Board, 7AM, Thursday, Hatfield 14D03(occasionally is canceled)
2. Breast Tumor Board, 8:30AM, Thursday, Hatfield 14D03
3. Hem/Onc Tumor Board, 8AM, Wednesday, Hatfield 14D03, Lymphoma, leukemia alternate every other week
(occasionally not held if an outside speaker is scheduled)
4. Sarcoma tumor board, 12:30-1:30 PM, Wednesday, Hatfield 14D03(except for the 4th Wednesday of each month)

  • Each participant will present a tumor board presentation as follows:
20 minutes in length, powerpoint presentation format, include:
1. Background (cancer type, stage, grade, what is known about this cancer)
2. Known molecular pathways underlying the disease and any potential therapeutic treatments
3. Present the issues discussed related to the individual patient you will be discussing
4. What was the course of actions? And follow-up? Prognosis?
5. Your insights or interests pertaining to this case.

  • For students, your grade will be based upon three criteria:
1. Class participation (30%)
(Your journal presentation participation and how interactive you are during the lecture)
2. Your tumor board presentation (30%)
3. Final Exam (40%)
(This exam is a written review of one cancer type (your choice))
Within this review you will include information addressing: background on this type of cancer, demographics, current therapies, known molecular mechanisms, molecular :and animal models that exist, cutting edge research being performed to elucidate the underlying molecular pathway and/or development of novel therapeutics.

Student and Potdoctoral Participants

  • Bicocca, Vincent: BicoccavATohsu.edu
  • Donley, Nathan: DonleynATohsu.edu
  • Laederich, Melanie: LaedericATohsu.edu
  • Levin, Trevor: LevintATohsu.edu
  • Saadoun, Basma: basmaATpdx.edu ; saadounATohsu.edu
  • Van Hook, Katy: VanhookkATohsu.edu
  • Xie, Liangqi: xielATohsu.edu


Date Presenters Topic Links & attachments
30-Mar M. Turker Mutagenic mechanisms
1-Apr M. Kulesz-Martin Clinical carcinogenesis
2-Apr Class participants Journal (Turker) O'Hagan (2008) Powerpoint
6-Apr R. Sears Metastasis and angiogenesis Lecture notes
8-Apr M. Troxel Solid cancer pathology Lecture notes part 1 Lecture notes part 2
9-Apr Class participants Journal (Troxel) Wiesener (2001) Powerpoint
13-Apr C. Lopez Targeted Cancer Therapeutics Lecture notes
15-Apr B. Fox Immunotherapy Lecture notes
16-Apr Class participants Journal (J. Gallegos) Cetuximab review EGFR/CRC review Jhawer (2008) Powerpoint
20-Apr C. Okada Hematology pathology Lecture notes
22-Apr M. Wong Cancer stem cells
23-Apr Class participants Journal (Wong) Dylla (2008) Supp. data Questions to cover

Editable Figures for 4-19-09

27-Apr W. Fleming Acute hematologic malignancies Lecture notes
29-Apr M. Dieninger Chronic hematologic malignancies Lecture notes
30-Apr Class participants Journal (Fleming)
4-May K. Nazemi Pediatric brain cancer Lecture notes
6-May J. Alumkai Prostate Lecture notes
7-May Class participants Journal (Nazemi - time TBA) Hallahan (2003) Powerpoint
11-May A. Blauvelt Skin cancer
13-May S. Chui Breast cancer Lecture notes
14-May SRF class cancelled
18-May C. Lopez Gastro Intestinal Cancer Lecture notes
20-May G. Vacarro Pancreatic Cancer Lecture notes
21-May Deffebach Lung Cancer
25-May Class Cancelled Memorial Day
27-May C. Thomas Radiation Oncology
28-May E. Neuwelt Adult Brain Cancer Lecture notes Neuwelt-Final (2008) Neuwelt-Muldoon (2007) Neuwelt-Angelov (2009)
1-Jun Class Participants Tumor board presentations
3-Jun Class Participants Tumor board presentations
4-Jun N. Gross Head & Neck cancer
8-Jun J. Shannon Nutrition and cancer Lecture notes
10-Jun C. Ryan Sarcoma Lecture notes
11-Jun Class Participants Journal (Ryan)