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Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

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Departmental Seminar Series for Sept 2008- June 2009

Theme: Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

  • BMB seminars are held every Tuesday at noon in Vollum seminar room, M1441.
  • Invited speakers twice a month, alternating with student/postdoc talks.
  • Invited speakers typically arrive on Monday, seminar is Tuesday, dinner Tuesday night.
  • You may contribute to this page or the discussion for the page (see tab at top).
  • Series organized by Maureen Hoatlin, hoatlinm at OHSU dot edu

Editing on this wiki is easy with wiki edit instructions. If you have trouble, drop by and I can show you very quickly.

Procedure for Inviting BMB Speakers

  • In May we will start sending out invitations for the Fall schedule. Please suggest names of a potential speaker you would like to invite, by emailing me, or better, adding the names and the link to contact information below your name. I will send out letters of invitation. Please indicate considerations for the timing of the visit (e.g., "I will be in China in September" or "please don't schedule for last two weeks of October" or "here are some potential dates that are good for me" ). This helps manage the scheduling tasks and reduces email burden. Our goal this year is to have 2 speakers a month on alternating Tuesdays.
  • Some of you may like to send out your own invitation letters, feel free! Please cc Maureen with the invitation and status.
  • When the invited speaker responds to our invitation, the acceptance will be posted on this wiki. Jeni will narrow down on some open dates, present the dates to the OHSU host, and settle on a mutually agreeable seminar date for the OHSU host and speaker. During this post-acceptance process Jeni will be in charge of the status.

Post-Acceptance Organization

  • Once a date is OKed by speaker and host, a confirmed date will be posted by Jeni on the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Web site.
  • After the date is confirmed, Jeni will contact the speaker and obtain the title/figure for the flyer, help with travel arrangements, book hotels, make dinner reservations and schedule and distribute itinerary. When the date is far in advance, Jeni will re-contact the speaker (and OHSU host) 3 months before the scheduled speaking date to finalize itinerary, travel, hotel, dinner plans.
  • Please contribute to suggestions for the itinerary to avoid last-minute scramble and email avalanche. Each Speaker will have a section for those who would like to be included on the itinerary if possible. Please contribute directly to the wiki or email me or Lisa and we will post for you. Suggest people for your guest to see or put your name down to request a spot with someone else's speaker.
  • The default arrangements are: accomodation at Heathman Hotel, dinner for four at Andina, catered lunch for 10 students/postdocs after the seminar. Please advise Jeni 2 weeks in advance if you prefer different arrangements for dinner.

Faculty Hosts and Speakers

Michael Chapman

Matt Thayer

William Skach

Maureen Hoatlin

Peter Rotwein

Ujwal Shinde

Larry David

Svetlana Lutsenko

Available Dates

We are booked! For schedule changes and information please contact Jeni.

BMB Seminar Series 2007-2008