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Entry Author: Parnika Agrawal
Entry Subject: Genetically Engineered Haemoglobin
Entry Time: 06:07
This is a paper giving a good summary of the problem and the solutions that have been tried, in genetically engineering the haemoglobin molecule to treat the sickle cell disease.


My concern, however, is that this topic mainly involves "gene therapy" and "Recombinant DNA technology". I do not know if that is suited to the work of Prof Hess.

The following paper is an introductory guide to genetic engineering and Recombinant DNA Technology, in case you are interested to know about them. Media:http://humupd.oxfordjournals.org/content/2/2/172.full.pdf

If it is possible to manufacture a haemoglobin molecule through self-assembly techniques, we can work towards creating a molecule with desirable set of characteristics.