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Entry Author: Henry Hess
Entry Subject: Background to topics
Entry Time: 9:45 am
I would like to give you my perspective and some background to the various ideas: - Hemoglobin: I know nothing. - Microtubule sheets: The sheets/cylinders are a tool/solution. Try to identify the problem. What is the challenge you are responding to? - Electric power from ATP: Read the paper by Sundaresan and Leo for their perspective. I will mail it to you. - Smart indicator supermolecule: Have a look at the paper by Joshi et al. summarizing the state of the art. - protein unfolding by motor proteins: Have a look at the Nano Letter by Hess from 2002 about the Forcemeter. Unfolding proteins attached to the two microtubules might be possible (in addition to just rupturing connections). - self-healing: See the .doc file on Self-repairing materials. - nanofactory: See paper by Chung et al. 2008. Imagine this with molecular shuttles. - circuit assembly: If you can take a metal nanowire, carry it with a molecular shuttle, and deposit it connecting two electrodes, that would be great. See the Patolsky paper for some ideas. So much for now!