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You can change your username on OpenWetWare.

To find out what your username is, visit Special:Mypage or look at the top right hand side of the page when you are logged in (next to the person icon).

As per our OpenWetWare:Username policy, all new users use their full, publication name as their username, e.g. "User:Foo Q. Bar, Jr."

Existing users who wish to change their username to their real name under which they publish, can request a username change by adding themselves to the list. If the name under which you publish has changed for some reason, you can also request a username change there. When you change your username, all edits you've made on OpenWetWare will be reassigned to your new username and your user page will be renamed to your new user page.

At this time, we do not change usernames to anything but your full, publication name.