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Research Interests:

Our research group is interested in the dynamics of populations and species interactions and their responses to global environmental change. We pursue field research and theory to develop a predictive understanding of the future of biodiversity. Our work involves population ecology, conservation biology, landscape ecology, biogeography, and population genetics. We often work with insect and plant systems as they are particularly useful in the study of global change. One focus of research is the potential for global climate change to drive geographic range shifts, and we examine this question using species with contrasting life history traits to test for differing species' responses and in hybrid zones to detect changes in introgression associated with climatic shifts. Our work takes place in the coastal West and in the Midwest of the US. For more information, see the faculty description for Dr. Hellmann in the Department of Biological Sciences, Dr. Hellmann's publications, and news coverage on our research group.

Information about working in the lab:

Pursuing graduate studies at Notre Dame Global Linkages of Biology, the Environment and Society (NSF IGERT)