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Daniel Vargas - 04/28/15

mCherry pSB1A3 using Amp / DH5α-Turbo

transformation 04/27/15 http://openwetware.org/wiki/Haynes_Lab:Notebook:Shared/Cloning_Bootcamp/2015/04/27

Plate 1: >300 small white/pink colonies distributed across the plate

Plate 2: Had one small white colony which would represent some sort of contanimation since the ampicillin resistant plasmid was not added.

Liquid Cultures:

Culture1: Colony 1 from plate 1, mcherry pSB1A3, Amp / DH5α-Turbo

Culture2: Colony 2 from plate 1, mcherry pSB1A3, Amp / DH5α-Turbo