Haynes Lab:Notebook/Synthetic Chromatin for Cancer Research/2015/09/21

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  • I messed up. We need constructs of each PCD with an mCherry, not a mCherry in front of each PcTF.
  • Extraction and Verification of KAH01A, KAH01B, KAH03, KAH04, E3000. These KAH constructs are the PCD's.
  • Ligation for the real DT050, DT051, and DT052 (mCherry in front of each PCD).
    • DT050: hPCD+ mCherry
    • DT051: flyPCD+ mCherry
    • DT052: fshPCD+ mCherry
    • Constructs made: DT050AA, DT050AB, DT050BA, DT050BB, DT051A, DT051B, DT052A, DT050B