Haynes Lab:Notebook/CRISPR Editing/2015/01/23

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Sent out untreated Luc14 gDNA PCR product of P197/P198 for sequencing:

Label Primer Direction
RD-1-3 P175 F
RD-4-6 P161 F
RD-7-9 P173 F
RD-10-12 P159 F
RD-13-15 P170 R
RD-16-18 P156 R
RD-19-21 P172 R
RD-22-24 P158 R

Quantification of editing efficiency with restriction enzyme'

cutting 1μg of untreated and g033 and g034 treated Luc14 cells gDNA PCRd with P197/P198 and column purified samples from 14.12.06 experiment with PfoI at 37°C for 3 hours.

Sample Read# ng/µL ul for 1ug ul H2O ul buffer ul PfoI
Untreated 85.402 11.71 5.29 2 1
g033 78.942 12.67 4.33 2 1
g034 80.841 12.37 4.63 2 1

Quantification with 1% agarose gel