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Systems Biology 204: Biomolecular Engineering and Synthetic Biology 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nature of the final design project?

  • Projects typically involve a detailed proposal which includes several "design outputs" such as DNA sequences, simulations, computer programs, diagrams, etc. You are encouraged to do an ambitious design project (which might, in reality, take a year or more of focused effort by a handful of people to implement in the lab). The project can also be a complete scientific contribution in itself, e.g., software programs to facilitate design processes.

Are the final design projects done as individuals or in groups?

  • This is decided by each student.

Should I budget time to do experiments?

  • No lab work is necessary for the project.

What resources are available?

  • The faculty and TF will provide guidance, design software, examples of detailed designs for certain motifs, etc.
  • Students are encouraged to stay after class at their leisure to discuss with other students and with the teaching staff. Some refreshments will be provided to encourage this to occur.