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Systems Biology 204: Biomolecular Engineering and Synthetic Biology 2013


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Day / Date Lecturer Title
Wed. Sep. 4 William Shih Biomolecular primitives
Mon. Sep. 9 William Shih Software demo: nanoEngineer for nanostructure visualization
Wed. Sep. 11 William Shih DNA origami
Mon. Sep. 16 William Shih Software demo: caDNAno for DNA origami design
Wed. Sep. 18 Peng Yin DNA circuits and machines (note: class held in room 221)
Mon. Sep. 23 Peng Yin DNA bricks
Wed. Sep. 25 Peng Yin Software demo: Sequence designer / molecular compiler
Mon. Sep. 30 Srivatsan Raman Computational protein design
Mon. Oct. 2 Srivatsan Raman Software demo: Scientific discovery games for biomolecular design
Mon. Oct. 7 William Shih Application of nucleic acid nanotechnology 1: Single molecule

biophysics tools, drug delivery, NMR

Wed. Oct. 9 Peng Yin Application of nucleic acid nanotechnology 2: Sensing, imaging,

synthetic regulation, nanofabrication

Wed. Oct. 16 Pam Silver Synthetic circuits in prokaryotes (note: class held in room 221)
Mon. Oct. 21 Pam Silver Synthetic circuits in eukaryotes
Wed. Oct. 23 Jeff Way Metabolic engineering
Mon. Oct. 28 Jack Szostak Protocell design
Wed. Oct. 30 Jeremy Gunawardena Modeling biological systems
Mon. Nov. 4 William Shih Directed molecular evolution
Wed. Nov. 6 George Church Homologous recombination, gene therapy, tissue engineering, evolution
Wed. Nov. 13 Peng Yin DNA directed nanofabrication/RNA synthetic biology
Wed. Nov. 20 Gäel McGill Exploring Hollywood’s tools for bio-visualization (note: class held in room 221)
Mon. Nov. 25 Dave Mooney Polymers as therapeutic cancer vaccines
Mon. Dec. 2 TBA TBA
Wed. Dec. 4 Students Final project presentations (note: class held in room 221)