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Systems Biology 204: Biomolecular Engineering and Synthetic Biology 2013


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Teaching assistant

Administrative assistant

Guest Speakers

Students (not including auditors + visitors)

Last Name First Name Affiliation E-mail
Alabi Tosin Undergrad alabi[at] college.harvard.edu
Choi Ian Undergrad ianchoi[at] college.harvard.edu
Gonzalez Andy Undergrad agonzalez[at] college.harvard.edu
Gootenberg Jonathan Systems Biology jgootenberg[at] fas.harvard.edu
Nip Lisa MIT Media Lab lisanip[at] mit.edu
Orman Marina Chemical Biology orman[at] fas.harvard.edu
Patrick William MIT Media Lab moonshot[at] mit.edu
Ransey Elizabeth Chemical Biology eransey[at] fas.harvard.edu
Shumaker Andy Chemical Biology ashumaker[at] fas.harvard.edu
Tallapragada Naren Systems Biology ntallapragada[at] fas.harvard.edu
Gao Cherry MIT Biological Engineering cherryg[at] mit.edu
Zhou Qingtong Chemistry qingtongzhou[at] fas.harvard.edu