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Biophysics 242r/2011

Biologically Inspired Molecular Engineering

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Teaching assistants

Administrative assistant


  • Vineeta Agarwala (email: vineeta_agarwala@hms.harvard.edu)
  • Alex Bagley (email: alexander_bagley@hms.harvard.edu)
  • Luis Barrera (email: lbarrera@fas.harvard.edu)
  • Mingjie Dai (email: dai4@fas.harvard.edu)
  • Evgeni Frenkel (email: frenkel@fas.harvard.edu)
  • Leon Furchtgott (email: furchtg@fas.harvard.edu)
  • Michael Gelbart (email: mgelbart@fas.harvard.edu)
  • Brian Goodman (email: bgoodman@fas.harvard.edu)
  • James Kath (email: kath@fas.harvard.edu)
  • Jamie Rogers (email: jrogers@fas.harvard.edu)
  • Hanlin Tang (email: htang@fas.harvard.edu)
  • Helen Wu (email: huayinwu@fas.harvard.edu)
  • George Xu (email: georgexu@fas.harvard.edu)