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Myoglobin Mutants

Wild Type

This DNA was the gift of Steven Sligar and Yi Lu at UIUC. The original articles for Sligar's work can be found here. The gene is housed in the pT7-7 vector, which has ampicillin resistance and no His6 sequence. The plasmid can be found in aqueous solution in the -20 freezer in Beeghly 203B (in the Myoglobin box labeled - WT sw Mb in pT7-7) or as transformed into NovaBlue cells as a glycerol stock in the -80 freezer in Beeghly 303 (in the Hartings Lab Glycerol stocks box labeled as WT Asc Hb pT7-7 in NovaBlue).

WT Sequence formatted with amino acids

WT Sequence as text