Griffin:Antibody Elution Buffers

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Elution Buffers

Elution buffers are essential in order to affinity purify antibodies. There are several out there, and below are a representation of 4 very good ones.

  • 100mM Glycine, pH2.5 (acidic pH)
  • 1M Triethanolamine; TEA (basic pH)
  • 4M MgCl2 (high salt)
  • 1M NaCl/PBS (high salt)

In general high salt concentration or extreme pH will disrupt the antibody-protein binding. The optimal elution buffer to use will have to be determined experimentally by the user.

Antibody Solution Clean-up

Removing BSA, gelatin, or any other stabilizer protein from antibody stock solutions is a necessary precursor to performing primary amine-based chemical labeling and conjugation procedures (ie Biotin, Fluorescent dye).