Griffin:Antibody Elution Buffers

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Elution Buffers

Elution buffers are essential in order to affinity purify antibodies. There are several out there, and below are a representation of 4 very good ones.

  • 100mM Glycine, pH2.5 (acidic pH)
  • 1M Triethanolamine; TEA (basic pH)
  • 4M MgCl2 (high salt)
  • 1M NaCl/PBS (high salt)

In general high salt concentration or extreme pH will disrupt the antibody-protein binding. The optimal elution buffer to use will have to be determined experimentally by the user.

Antibody Solution Carrier Protein Removal

Removing BSA, gelatin, or any other stabilizer protein from antibody stock solutions is a necessary precursor to performing primary amine-based chemical labeling and conjugation procedures (ie Biotin, Fluorescent dye).