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Google Group

the iseem Google Group is called 'iseemproject' and can be accessed at the following address :

You need to register your email address in order to take part in the discussions.

How it works

Each topic is considered as a conversation.

You may receive an email (from every time a conversation is started or updated depending on your settings.

In order to add to the conversation you can reply to the email you received.

To start a new conversation you can send an email directly to .

If you decide to not receive emails from googlegroups, you will need to check the website manually for new entries.

The website also keeps a record of all the topics in case you need to access an old conversation but it got deleted from your email.


You can edit your settings by clicking the link on the right side of your browser called 'edit my membership'.

There are 4 different settings :

  • No Email

You will need to manually check the group's webpage to read the conversations

  • Abridged Email

You will get a summary of new activity each day

  • Digest Email

You will get up to 25 full new messages bundled into a single email

  • Email

You will receive an email for each message as it arrives