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Gautier Lab, Columbia University

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Gautier Lab News

January 2010:

  • Ryan Lessard is rotating in the lab.

November 2009:

  • Hannah Williams joins the lab.

July 2009:

  • Shaun Peterson successfully defended his thesis - Dr. Shaun Peterson, PhD

November 2008:

  • Lily Wang successfully defended her thesis - Dr. Lily Wang, PhD

September 2008

  • Lilyn Daftuar starts her rotation in the lab.

August 2008

  • Kirsten Robertson re-joins the lab. Yah! We are no longer without lab manager!

July 2008

  • Congratulations to former lab member Aude Dupre who gave birth to Antonin Pierre Luc Thiolon on July 12, 2008.
  • Seetha Srinivasan joins the lab.
  • Lily Wang spends 3 weeks in the lab of Olivier Hyrien.

May 2008

  • We welcome rotation student Alex Milgrom to the lab for his summer rotation.
  • We look forward to re-welcoming Kirsten Robertson to the Gautier lab family. She will be returning in her former capacity as lab manager.
  • We look forward to welcoming Dr. Seetha Srinivasan to the lab in July when she joins our team as a post-doc.
  • We are sad to see our beloved Lab Manager Rose Sattler leave, but we wish her good luck in her new job.

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