GRNmap Testing Report Setting estimateParams=0 2015-06-22 TM

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Test Conditions

  • Date started: 2015-06-22
  • Test Performed by: Tessa A. Morris, Electronic Notebook
  • Code Version: GRNmap-beta (10:40 am 2015-06-22)
  • MATLAB Version: 2014b
  • Computer on which the model was run: Row 2 #3


  • The purpose was to test what happens if estimateParams=0 and fix_P and/or fix_b =0.
  • Issue 118


  • estimateParams=0, fix_P=0, fix_b =0
    • Error
 Reference to non-existent field 'reg_out'.
 Error in output (line 140)
 outputDiag{3,2} = GRNstruct.GRNOutput.reg_out;
 Error in GRNmodel (line 34)
 GRNstruct = output(GRNstruct);
  • No .mat output file, .xlsx output and plots were output (named for their gene and optimization_diagnostic)
  • Ran 4-genes_6-edges_artificial-data_Sigmoidal_estimation_fixb-0_fixP-0_no-graph
    • There was no optimization_diagnostics plot saved but there was a .mat and .xlsx output
  • estimateParams=0, fix_P=1, fix_b =0
  • estimateParams=0, fix_P=0, fix_b =1