GRNmap Testing Report Identical Runs with Same Code Version and Same Input Workbook 2015-06-01

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Test Conditions

  • Date: 2015-06-02
  • Test Performed by: Tessa A. Morris, Electronic Notebook
  • Code Version: Current version of GRNmap-beta as of 2:30 pm 2015-06-02
  • MATLAB Version: 2014b
  • Computer on which the model was run: Row 2 4th from door


  • The purpose of this test was to compare successive identical runs with same version code and same input workbook to make sure that they are the same.
  • Issue 99



  • The LSE, Penalty term, and the counter are the same between the two copies.
  • The difference between the network_optimized_weights, optimized_production_rates, and optimized_threshold_b values of two copies of the Sigmoidal_estimation_fixb-0_fixP-0_graph was zero.
  • The difference between the network_optimized_weights and optimized_production_rates values of two copies of the MM_estimation_fixP-0_graph was zero (no sheet for optimized_threshold_b).