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Lab banner
Lab banner

Version: 15 October 2015

Current Projects

  • Combinatorial assembly of gene cassettes for cellulose degradation: Dr. Chao-Kuo Liu
  • Conversion of green algal polysaccharides to biofuels: Alejandro Salinas-Vaccaro
  • Enzyme engineering for cellulose degradation: Kwabena Duedu
  • Artifical consortia for conversion of biomass to useful products: Craig Munns
  • Arsenic Biosensor Consortium: Dr. David Radford
  • Novel biosensor formats: Jan Oltmanns
  • Biosensors for use in developing nations: Chris Nwanko
  • Novel approaches to radiotherapy using engineered proteins: Dr. Jon Stanley
  • Markerless genome editing in E. coli and related bacteria: Kuan Meng (Evan) Lee

Recent Projects

  • Novel methods for DNA assembly: PaperClip: Dr. Maryia Trubitsyna
  • Rapid electrical detection of bacterial growth: Uros Zupancic
  • A synthetic model system for biosynthesis of starch-like polysaccharides: Joe White

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