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Hazardous Chemicals in the French Lab

Chemicals in Toxics Cabinet
Chemical Quantity Notes
2-chloroethanol 50 ml very toxic
3-chlorobenzoic acid 25 g irritant
4-chlorobenzoic acid 50 g harmful
chloramphenicol 5 g toxic, carcinogen, mutagen, teratogen
chloroacetic acid 25 g toxic
2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid 100 g toxic, carcinogen, mutagen, teratogen
ethidium bromide 0.25 g toxic, mutagen
kanamycin sulfate 5 g toxic
mercuric thiocyanate in ethanol 100 ml toxic
mercuric thiocyanate 25 g very toxic
neomycin sulfate 5 g irritant
nickel chloride hexahydrate 100 g toxic
nickel sulfate hexahydrate 100 g harmful
potassium ferricyanide 100 g harmful
pyrogallol 10 g toxic
sodium arsenate 50 g toxic, carcinogen, mutagen
sodium azide 100g very toxic
sodium dithionite (hydrosulfite) 50 g harmful
Chemicals in Solvent Cabinet
Chemical Quantity Notes
ethanol 2.5 l flammable; get this refilled at stores
isopropanol 2.5 l flammable
methanol 2.5 l flammable; get this refilled at stores
acetone 1 l flammable; get this refilled at stores
acetonitrile 1 l flammable; releases toxic gas in contact with acid
ethyl acetate 1 l flammable
hexane 1 l flammable
chloroform 500 ml harmful
dimethylformamide 500 ml toxic
n-propanol 500 ml flammable
toluene 500 ml flammable
p-xylene 500 ml flammable
cyclopentanone 250 ml irritant
m-xylol 250 ml harmful
1-chlorobutane 100 ml irritant
decane 100 ml irritant
dimethylformamide 100 ml toxic
m-cresol 25 ml toxic
cyclohexanone 25 ml toxic, corrosive
dichloroethane 25 ml harmful
o-cresol 5 ml toxic
p-cresol 5 ml toxic
2-methylcyclopentanone 5 ml flammable
n-decanal 1 ml
Chemicals in Acids/Miscellaneous Cabinet
acetic acid, glacial 2.5 l corrosive, flammable
ammonium hydroxide, 29% w/v 500 ml corrosive, irritant
catechol 100 g corrosive, harmful
ferric chloride hexahydrate 100 g corrosive
hydrochloric acid, 37% w/v 2.5 l corrosive
iodine 5 g harmful vapour
nitric acid, 70% w/v 25 ml corrosive, oxidizer
silver nitrate, 0.1 M solution 500 ml harmful
sodium nitrite 5 g oxidizer
trichloroacetic acid 100 g corrosive

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