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PLB316: Molecular & Cellular Section Spring 2011

Teaching assistants: Nate Sammons and Tiffany Liu

Lab: Tuesdays 9:10 - 1:00; Thursdays 9:10 - noon; Room 255 Plant Biology Building; Room 147 Plant Biology Building

Office hours: After class or by appointment.

Syllabus & necessary background information

Tentative Schedule

Lab manual: Updated periodically.
Lecture slides: Updated periodically.


The final exam for the Cell and Molecular section, including Dr. Weise's section will be May 6th at 10 am in room PLB147.

The optional re-write of the ga5-complementation report are due May 6th before the final exam. The Alpha-Amylase worksheet is due before the final as well, however, you are welcome to hand it in before that if you want me to give you feedback before the exam. I will assume you have know the correct answer to all the questions for the exam.

Important dates:

   * 03/02/2011: Last day to drop with no grade reported. Middle of Semester.
   * 3/07/2011, 03/11/2011: Spring Break. No classes. University open.
   * 04/29/2011: Last day of class.
   *  Final exam: May 6th room PLB147.