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This is a collection of SB-related courses around the globe collected from the Web and from replies to a request mailed via the iGEM2007_participants mailing list on January 15, 2008 with a few later additions.

Ongoing courses:

Stanford, USA: Introduction to Biological Engineering Design, D. Endy & N. Kuldell, Spring 2008

Davidson, USA: Reengineering Life: Synthetic Biology Seminar, A. Malcolm Campbell, Fall 2007

MIT, Cambridge, USA: Introduction to Biological Engineering Design, Drew Endy and Natalie Kuldell, Spring 2008

MIT, Cambridge, USA: Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering, Drew Endy and Natalie Kuldell, Spring 2008

MIT, Cambridge, USA: Intracellular dynamics of gene regulation, 10.540 (includes some SB) , Narendra Mahesri, Spring (?) 2008, for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of different backgrounds

Paris, France: Modeling methods and tools for biology, Vincent Schachter and Vincent Danos (multi-institutional graduate computer science programme)

ETH, Zurich, Switzerland: Synthetic biology, Sven Panke, Jörg Stelling and Eckart Zitsler; Spring 2008 - part of MSc in Process Engineering

Imperial College: Introduction to synthetic biology, by Geoff Baldwin, Richard Kitney, Paul Freemont, Robert Endres, Sivaramesh Wigneshweraraj, Kirsten Jensen, Duo Lu and Vincent Rouilly, Spring 2008.

Brown, USA: Synthetic Biological Systems by John Cumbers, Fall 2007

Brown, USA: Fundamentals of synthetic biology, Garry Wessel and John Cumbers (includes guest lecturers)

Calgary, Canada: Synthetic and Systems Biology, Christian Jacob (started in Jan. '08)

Glasgow, UK: SB included in BSc/MSc Bioinformatics option and as a module in MRes Bioinformatics; David Gilbert, 2007/8

Edinburgh, UK: SB inlcuded in MSc Informatics program as an option; Chris French, 2007/8

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain: Emilio Navarro and Arnau Montagud run a 35-hours course as an open course for students with different backgrounds either biological or technical, from whichever University. It is planned to be a basic 'introduction to Synthetic Biology' that will cover 'topics one must know' to be an iGEM competitor.

Past Courses:

ETH, Zurich, Switzerland: Synthetic biology II [1] - for iGEM team members, organized in the summer break (2006 and 2007?)

Brown, USA: Synthetic biology laboratory course, Garry Wessel and John Cumbers (for iGEM team members, but open to everyone) will continue in the future

Freiburg, Germany: iGEM F Club - preparations for iGEM 2006 (and 2007?) team by Andrei Kouznetsov

Penn State, USA: Introductory course for iGEM team mebers: CHE 497C – Introduction to Synthetic Biology by Patrick Cirino - will run this year again; faculty position is open

Planned courses:

Univ. of Ljubljana, Slovenia: Marko Dolinar and Roman Jerala plan to start a course within MSc Biochemistry programme (i.e. 4th year Biochemistry equivalent)

Univ. of Lethbridge, Canada: Hans-Joachim Wiedner plans to start a course in 2009-10 within Nano-science multidisciplinary major.

Univ. of Glasgow, UK: SB courses planned for 2008/9, for now included in Bioinformatics (see ongoing courses)

Univ. of Alberta, Canada: Doug Ridgway plans to start the Design and Construction of Synthetic Biological Systems course in Fall 2008

Univ. of Edinburgh, UK: MSc in Synthetic Biology planned for 2008/9, for now included in Informatics program (see ongoing courses)