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I don't know what's going on with the Create this entry javascript button, but I can't spend time on it now.

Neurobasal medium supplemented with 1x old (from March) B27 supplement, as well as 1x RA according to Michele Allouche's recipe from earlier, and 1x Glutamax (2mM, high apparently for neurons which prefer 0.5mM or none when established) and 1x p/s.

Invitrogen writes "When culturing the cells for longer than 4 days, one-half of the medium is removed on day 3 or 4 and replaced with an equal volume of medium now containing 10 ng/mL β-FGF (postnatal neurons)."

I can do that on Monday if need be.

Both p9 and p10 T25 flasks of DRG cells are confluent. Sending them to Berni's group will be complicated, prefer dry ice in the end. Not to mention complex medium.

Replaced Rich medium for one flask (will need to pass tomorrow I think) and will replace with Neural medium for other, once the Glutamax has thawed.