Endy:Screening plasmid/Registry technical report

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This is a work in progress. Hoping to produce a reasonable technical report on the screening plasmid by June 1 so the iGEM teams can take advantage of it if they want.

Writing to do list

Qualitative inverter testing

Inverter library screening example

Experimental to do list

Test SPv1.5

Endy:Screening plasmid/v1.5 would be a better fit for the iGEM teams since it would be more strain-independent then Endy:Screening plasmid/v1.0.

  1. Build E/X scarred versions of F2620/1
  2. Insert back-end of SP1.0 downstream of F2620/1 and in the process scar our S/P.
  3. Move this construct into all the relevant BB vectors (psb1AK, AC, AT, etc).
  4. Test for expression at high induction (esp. for RFP levels).
  5. If it looks good then use it for Term testing, if it doesn't then stick with SP1.0

Terminator characterization

Should hold on this until SPv1.5 has been tested.

  1. Empty screening plasmid (ESP) testing - get reliable.
  2. Insert all BB terminators into ESP (already in there for SP1.0)
  3. Repeat terminator tests.