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This page is for keeping track of the status of papers in the Endy writing queue.

Research Manuscripts

Barry #1: Model-based forward engineering of autocatalytic, self-regulating, and orthogonal gene expression systems in Escherichia coli

  • Authors: Barry, Drew
  • Status: Drew drafting for PNAS
  • Writing: On Google Docs
  • Project page & Paper page.
  • Goal: Submit June 2009

Jason #2: Programmed selection and preferential promotion of microbes using a selectostat

  • Authors: JK & DE
  • Status: Endy drafting for PNAS
  • Main Text on Google Docs
  • Figures
  • Supplement
  • OWW Page
  • Goal: Submit June 2009

Reshma #1: Using genetically encoded odorant reporters to engineer bacteria that smell like wintergreen and banana

  • Authors: RS & DE
  • Status: reviews received, revision complete, sent to RC3 for his comments
  • Goal: submitted

Reshma #2: Signal levels, load, and error rates in engineered transcriptional devices

  • Authors: RS & DE
  • Status: RS working on figures
  • Goal: Submit by end of August

Samantha #1: Controlling cellular location by engineering phosphorylation

  • Authors: SS & DE
  • Status: In review at PLoS Biology
  • Goal: Have in press in 2008

Samantha #2: Signals and specifications for a family of phosphorylation-dependent devices, or equivalent

  • Authors: SS & DE
  • Status: Outline and structure finalized, SS leading writing
  • Goal: Submit by end of August

Ty #1: Tools for making systems biology models more scientific

  • Authors: TT, DE
  • Status: DE to do final edit, send to RB and TT for final approval
  • Goal: Submit by end of August

Ty #2: Scaffold number in yeast signaling system sets tradeoff between system output and dynamic range

  • Authors: TT, DE
  • Status: Submitted to MSB
  • Goal: Get published ASAP.

Ty #3: Mechanics, Controls, and Modeling of Mating Pheromone-Initiated Signaling in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A Comprehensive Analysis

  • Authors: TT, DE
  • Status: JT and TT to edit (not working well, what should DE do?)
  • Goal: Submit by ???

Sri #1: Measures & models of phage T7 mRNA

  • Authors: HK, DE, SK
  • Status: Sri needs to provide Fig 4, Drew needs to edit
  • Goal: Submit by end of August

Drew #1: A common signal carrier for genetic devices

  • Authors: Austin, Drew, Tom, Randy, Samantha
  • Status: DE to expand and rewrite
  • Goal: Submit by end of August

Drew #2: Free as in phosphoramidites, or equivalent

  • Authors: DG and DE
  • Status: DE to write
  • Goal: Submit by end of August


DE #1:CoTS

  • Authors: DE
  • Status: DE outlining
  • Goal: Proposal by end of August

DE #2:I2SB

  • Authors: DE
  • Status: DE outlining
  • Goal: Outline by end of August


Blank #1: Title, or equivalent

  • Authors: your names here
  • Status: your names here
  • Goal: Submit by some date

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