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Executive Summary

The lab may need to be evacuated for many reasons, including but not limited to fire or chemical spills within the lab or building, earthquake, and so on.

In any situation that puts your immediate health or well being at risk your priority must be to ensure your own safety and security, and that of your colleagues.

For example, in the case of an uncontrolled fire, you should use any fire extinguishers to help ensure that you can follow a safe path in exiting the building. Stated differently, call in the alarm and leave the fighting of conflagrations to professional fire fighters.

When the lab needs to evacuate please quickly check that all other people working in the lab at the time have heard the alarm. If possible, turn off any open flames and shut down any other immediate hazards, and leave.

Upon leaving, please check in first with other members of the lab. With have three rally points to be used for this purpose depending on the severity of the event triggering an evacuation. Grab the clipboard to the right of the main door, with the BIOE yellow sign on it.

First, in the case of a "typical" alarm, meet on the stairs just outside the building fronting Via Ortega. Upon arrival, begin checking names to be certain no one is left behind. The clipboard identifies members of Endy Lab, Smolke Lab and iGEM team members.

Second, in the case of a major event putting the entire building at risk, please meet at the picnic table in front of Redwood Hall (in Jordan Quad, across the open air parking lot opposite Via Ortega).

Third, in the case of a still more significant disaster putting the entire quad or campus at risk, please meet under the first oak tree in Roble Field (across the open air parking lot opposite the terminus of Via Ortega and Panama).

These three rally locations are noted on the map below via icons that represent order of priority/severity.

Photographs as visual guides are also provided.

Once you reach one of these locations please check in with any other lab member. At least one person should remain put until everyone working in the lab has checked in. If somebody is missing that fact should be communicated to me and to any responding emergency personnel. Others can then leave or head for the hills, as appropriate.

Thank you!

Map of Rally Points for Evacuation

Endy Lab Evacuation Rally Points.png

Minor Alarm Rally Point Photo

Alarm rally.png

Major Conflagration Rally Point Photo

Conflagration rally.png

Head-For-The-Hills Rally Point Photo

Volcano rally.png