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We've moved to http://drummondlab.org.

This site will not be updated.

the drummond lab

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Starting up the system

  1. Turn on mercury lamp (after 1/2 hour, turn down to 50% power)
  2. Turn on main power
  3. Turn on computer
  4. Turn on lasers
  5. Open LSM510 software
  6. Set laser output:
    • Helium-neon 1: 50% (543nm line suitable for RFP excitation)
    • Argon: 5% (458nm line suitable for TFP excitation)

Slide preparation

(cf. cell preparation)

  • Prepare 15 mins in advance to allow drying
  • 15uL droplet
  • No. 1 1/2 cover slip
  • Push down gently on cover slip to squish out extra liquid and any air bubbles. Cover slip should not float!