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This DataONE OpenWetWare site contains informal notes for several research projects funded through DataONE. DataONE is a collaboration among many partner organizations, and is funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) under a Cooperative Agreement.


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from Heather Piwowar <>

date	Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 9:43 AM
subject	Plans for meeting this week 

Bruce, Valerie, Nic, and Sarah,

Todd and I are immersed in the Evolution 2010 and iEvoBio conference in Portland and won't be able to get away for the Tuesday 3pm-eastern telcon.

Bruce, would you lead that call? I suggest that Valerie, Nic, and Sarah could give you and other mentors an update of where they are and where they are going, perhaps in the form of an outline of their proposed presentations for our Knoxville meeting. Your feedback on emphasis and scope would be most helpful.

Valerie, Nic, and Sara, to re-emphasize, we suggest you focus 1/3 on the big picture and motivation for your project (remember there will be mentors and another intern who aren't familiar with the project at all), 1/3 on the process and data you've collected so far, and 1/3 on how you plan to wrap up the project, what was surprising or problematic, and areas where you'd like input.

If you could post your slides/slide outlines on the OWW site, and then post a recap of the meeting, I'll have a look and be available for more detailed feedback.

Feel free to send me an email and we can set up a chat time to talk through issues, if that would be helpful.

In general, please add updates to your OWW pages several times a week, abstracting your progress, stumbles, surprises, insights, plans, and thoughts there in addition to the raw data collection within your google spreadsheets. I know this open notebook stuff isn't easy (I'm experimenting with my own, here, feedback welcome, it isn't easy!) but the experiment has been valuable so far so let's keep up the transparency.

cheers, Heather

ps I added this email to the OWW site