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Notes for July 2, 2010

Conversation with Heather Piwowar

me: Hi Heather, do you have a moment for a quick question?

Sent at 4:24 PM on Friday

Heather: Hi Valerie! Sorry, I didn't see your window. Yup, if you are still there, ask away :)

me: oh it's cool I just wanted to ask about the article. About how long should it be and should I focus more on an editorial angle? Also, should I bring copies with me to Knoxville or just email it to everyone/share on OWW?

Sent at 4:33 PM on Friday

Heather: Good question. Length (and tone, and focus) depends on where you want to send it. I'd say pick a place and aim it that audience. Easier then for people to suggest changes. Yes, if it is easy to bring copies with you I bet that would be useful. Definitely up on OWW as well.

me: ok, good idea. I was thinking of focusing more on information science/library publications with crossover into science Heather: yes, agreed.

me: ok, good to know

Heather: Maybe make a list of potential places where it could go, to get feedback. Unfort I don't have great ideas off the top of my head because hasn't been quite my field, me: neat, I added that to my slides Heather: but maybe DLib? me: (I'll post the new slides soon) ah Heather: Or a Perspectives article in a more Science journal like PLoS Biology?  ???. I'm sure there are lots of other options too. Pick one and run with it me: I'll browse through some articles in those and look at their submission guidelines ok Heather: great me: thanks a bunch!

Sent at 4:41 PM on Friday

Heather: no problem. have fun with it. me: I will!

Sent at 4:42 PM on Friday