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Notes for July 1, 2010

1. As per webchat with Heather, Sarah and Nic, will revise outline and presentation considering the following:

  • Contents of presentation should be 1/3 motivation and background, 1/3 method, 1/3 lessons learned and discussion.
  • Why is this project important? How does it relate to other projects?
  • Who is the audience for this project? How will it help them?
  • Any previous work in area?
  • It's ok to add commentary "I don't know why this part matters" and solicit advice from mentors.
  • More detail about the limitations of methods used to do research. No gold standard, more "stumbles" etc. What didn't work?
  • Reformat initial results to show big picture and clarify why things worked well or did not work. No results? Too many irrelevant results?
  • Things I worried about (Did I do enough searches? Was I thorough enough?).
  • What has been difficult? What could have made it easier (tools/policies/practices)?
  • Formats for final output. Graphs? Charts? Posters? Articles?
  • Where will we submit these? Nic mentioned the Digital Curation Conference call for papers

2. Read Sarah's slides and Nic's Prezi and make comments on their discussion pages.

3. Make notes about how I used OpenWetware in this project, what I liked, didn't like, etc. for additional Knoxville panel discussion.

4. Continue drafting paper for post-Knoxville (bring initial draft to Knoxville).